Other types of insurance

Pipe installation 2Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance - Disability insurance policies give financial support when a policyholder becomes unable to work due to a disabling injury or illness. It give monthly support to aid pay obligations such as credit cards and mortgage loans. Long-term and short-term disability policies are offered to individuals, while considering their expense, long-term one are generally given to only those that have six-figure incomes, like doctors, lawyers, etc. The short-term disability one covers a person typically for a period of up to 6 months, giving a stipend every month to meet medical bills and necessities.

Casualty insurance - This insurance insures youn against accidents, not always tied to a specific property. This insurance is a broader spectrum of insurance under which a lot of other kinds of insurance could be classified, for instance auto, some liability insurances, and workers compensation.

Liability insurance
is quite a broad superset which covers legal claims on the insured. Many kinds of insurance feature an part of liability coverage. For instance, a homeowner's insurance will usually include liability coverage that protects the insured person in the case of a claim by someone that slips and falls on his property; automobile insurance includes a kind of liability insurance which indemnifies against harm which a crashing car could cause to the lives, health, and property of others.

Credit insurance - Credit insurance gives back all or some of a loan if certain circumstances leave the borrower unable to pay it, such as unemployment, death, or disability.

Travel insurance – Travel insurance is the insurance cover used by those that travel abroad, and covers certain mishaps such as medical expenses, losing a personal belonging, travel delay, or personal liabilities.

Business interruption insurance come in handy if you lose part of your income, and the expense incurred, after the covered peril interrupts your normal business operation.

Expatriate insurance provides organizations and individuals operating outside their home land with protection for property, health, automobiles, liability or business pursuits.

Locked funds insurance is the little-known hybrid policy jointly issued by banks and governments. It is utilized to guard public funds from tampering by unauthorized parties. Under special occasions, a government might authorize its use to protect semi-private funds that are liable to tampering. The terms of that type of insurance usually are quite strict. Therefore, it is used in the most extreme cases where the maximum security of the funds is needed.

Media liability insurance is created to cover professionals which engage in television and film production and print, against threats like defamation.

Pet insurance
covers pets against illnesses and accidents; some companies provide routine or wellness care as well as buriall.